Moć neformalnog obrazovanja /The Power of Non-formal Education


Treningu „Moć neformalnog obrazovanja“ u Banja Luci (15/11/2015-20/11/2015), organizovanom od strane SALTO Resursnog centra za Jugoistočnu Evropu, Uprave za mlade i sport iz Crne Gore, Kancelarije za međunarodni omladinski rad, Ministarstva vanjskih poslova regije Valonija, Kraljevine Belgije, Ministarstva porodice, omladine i sporta republike Srpske i Instituta za razvoj mladih i zajednice „Perpetuum mobile“ iz Banja luke. Cilj: Povećnje uticaja neformalnog obrazovanja na osnaživanje mladih kao ključnih aktera u društvu. Podsticanje učesnika treninga da na inovativan način kreiraju sopstvene metode edukacije i obuke mladih ljudi i primijene ih u sredini iz koje dolaze.

Irena Marunović, Centar za obuku i obrazovanje Crna Gora


Thanks to Bureau International Jeunesse from Belgium, The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport of Republika Srpska, The Directorate for Youth and Sport of Montenegro, SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre and The Youth Department of the Council of Europe, “The power of NFE“ training was held in Banja Luka from 15th to 20th November 2015. Participants from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and Belgium were gathered with an aim to learn how to improve the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), as well as the principles and methods in the empowerment of young people as real actors of the society, from the local to the European level. In order to understand the real power of non-formal education we – participants – had to experience an innovative approach using a full immersion in the experiential learning cycle: doing/feeling, reflecting, transferring… Unusual and very creative training, designed by the team of three complementary trainers coming from different parts of Europe (Jo Claeys – Portugal, Simona Molari – Italy and Denis Morel – France), was much more than classical training course and we were encouraged to build our own training and learning process, supported by a fine tuned pedagogical programme.

Irena Marunović, Education and Training Centre Montenegro

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