​,,Putevi ka društvenoj koheziji – Sinergija između formalnog i neformalnog obrazovanja”/“Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion – Synergies between Formal and Non Formal Education“

After the kick-off event – “Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion – 1st EUSDR Youth Platform” held in December 2014 in Vienna, the 2nd EUSDR Youth Platform Seminar / Conference „Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion – Synergies between Formal and Non Formal Education“ was held from 17th to 19th May 2016 in the Interkulturelles Zentrum in Vienna. It brought together 70 educators and experts from the non-formal and formal education field, who have already cooperated in common projects, or are concretely planning to do so, in order to exchange, reflect and value the cross-sectoral cooperation in the Danube Region. The exchange of participants experiences on challenges and achievements as well as inputs that they got from 4 different workshops (on digital activism, radicalisation/extremism and young people in the region, supporting social entrepreneurship capacities of young people, from practice to advocacy) contributed to a fruitful event and led to new motivation and ideas.

During this event participants had the opportunity to listen to experts in the situation of young people in the Danube Region such as Jürgen Schick, Hanjo Schild, Ana Mirkovic, Dr. Judit Makkos-Kaldi, Daniela Mussnig, Verena Fabris, etc.

As one of the most important elements of the 2nd meeting of the EUSDR Youth Platform was the exchange of experiences with activities and projects where actors from formal and non-formal education worked closely together, participants were invited to prepare a Poster Presentation. They had to chose one project/activity done by their organization/school and share a good example of co-operation between formal and nonformal education.Irena Bec





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