O nama/About

 Spoljasnja Strana + korice rokovnika

NGO EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE/NVO CENTAR ZA OBUKU I OBRAZOVANJE has a vision of civil society with achieved education opportunities and mission of promotion and implementation of lifelong learning in capacity building and full potential achieving of individuals, organisations and institutions.


Strategic aims of ETC MNE are:

capacity building of educational institutions and services by positive impact, promotion and recognition of non-formal education and lifelong learning,

*empowering children and young people of different groups and background through prevention and educational programs, informing and tackling activism and directing them towards self organising and positive acting in communities,

*capacity building of profit organisations and promotion of social responsibility

 Members of the team are experts in education and youth work and MA in social work and training. We work with different target groups, using innovative and creative techniques and interactive pedagogy approaches. Part of our staff has already been engaged as education experts and consultants in Council of Europe (Pestalozzi, “Regional support for inclusive education” and national and EU Delegation Programs (EU-MNE Project ‘’Inclusive Education Services’’)

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