Within the National Action Plan implementation, Action plan for 2010. Education and Traning Centre implemented the Project  ,,The roll of non-formal education and lifelong learning in developing key competences’’, supported by  Directorate for Youth and Sport.  

The most ipmortan part was youth enagagement in different phases of the project, directly involved youth who went through training ”Non-formal education and developmental work with youth”, an indirectly involved youth through Campaign organised by young people who attended our training which was focused on aim to explore and do small reserch on what young people think about the non-formal education and how they would assess their key competences.

In the final phase of the Project we organised Conference which was focused on following aspects: *inroducing youg people to the opportunities in Montenegro Qualification Framework, *presentation of the results of non-formal programs implementation by young users of the programs and NGO’s which actively and structuraly implementing non-formal programs in Montenegro, *networking of the various stakeholders in recognition and strenghtening of non-formal programs based on quality and high standards.

The results of this project were summed up in two different documents:

  1. Publication on Non-formal education ( ) . The publication deals with quality assurance and non-formal education standards with particular regard to youth work, as well as procedures for Non-formal education in MNE and recommended EU standards in non-formal education and youth work. Also you can find data base of former and current non-formal activities for youth in Montenegro.
  2. Research ‘’Impact of non-formal education in developing social skills of teachers in Montenegro’’, first of this kind in Montenegro, with the concept of non-formal education, methodologies and interesting research data on Montenegrin teachers and their skills as well as recommendations for the improvement of non-formal education in Montenegro especially its positive role in professional development .






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