Program Country Director,Montenegro Civic EducationProgram

Program Country Director,Montenegro Civic EducationProgram Location:Podgorica, Montenegro.

This position will require travel to locations throughout Montenegro

Applications must be Submitted: July 23, 2021 Anticipated StartDate: October 1, 2021

PHInternational (Project Harmony,Inc.), an innovative, not-for-profit organization with headquarters in the State of Vermont, U.S.A,working across Eurasiasince1985, seeks experienced host country national professional to lead a team in Montenegro as the ProgramDirector/Chief of Party For An upcoming program. TheMontenegro Civic EducationProgramisatwo year pilot initiative that’s expected to expand into a multi-year program with U.S government funding. The Program will work With youth in the process of developing understanding,attitudes,ideas and behaviors about the law.The program seeks to increase youth awareness of crime risks, youth and increase public safety through an integrated approach that educates youth on the law, raise community awareness on juvenile justice issues, and develops cooperative partnership between youth, educators,law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals. School-based programs bring together teachers and law enforcement officers sasa team for preventive work, educating students while building trust between youth, teachers and the police. Increasing the capacity for Community Policing is another key element of the project for strengthening positive relationships between citizens and law enforcement. RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES AsProgramDirector, youwillbeleadingateam of innovative professionals to achieve the goals of the project whilecontributingto PHInternational’soverallmission.TheProgramDirector willprovideoverall direction, oversight, management and accountability. This Includes, but is not necessarily limited to: • Strategic Vision: Communicate Clear vision of present and future program goals;provide leadership and direction;develop a program strategy to be communicated to team members, key ministries,local partners and the international community. • Financial And administrative: Coordinate and manage over all program budget; ensure compliance with all donor and Policies and regulations; ensure smooth operation and functioning of country office. • Team building And staff development: Foster Culture Of Collaboration,result orientation, and accountability with staff members;provide staff with the framework to meetorexceed program objectives;create opportunities for group and one-on-one professional development. • Representations And relationships: Develop and maintain internal and external relationships to ensure optimum program success, including with federal ministries, local partners including education and police, local stakeholder groups, PHheadquartersandfield offices, internationalandlocalNGOsworkingonjuvenilejustice inMontenegro, the U.S. and host government officials, donor organizations,embassies, vendors, media and the general public. • Program evaluation and reporting: Ensure regular and complete program evaluations, and complete program reporting to PHand donor organizations on a timely basis. QUALIFICATIONS • Advanced university degree in education or related area(e.g. criminology, social sciences, economics, history, sociology, anthropology) orBachelor’s degree six years experience in relevant fields. • Demonstrated leadershipexperienceofinternationaldevelopmentactivitieswith preferencefor directionand managementof internationallyfunded educationalorcommunitydevelopment programs in Montenegro. • At least five years of experience in working with sector assessment, strategic planning, project management, education-training/capacity development programs, program design, monitoring and evaluation, etc. • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and ability to negotiate with local and foreign experts, managers,and government officials to ensure the successful completion of project activities. • Excellent Written And verbal skills in English. • Excellent Written And verbal skills in Montenegrin. • Computer Proficiency Including A Working knowledgeofExcel. • Experience with the development and management of program and organizational budgets. • Excellent analytic and cross-cultural skills. • Motivation, reliability and flexibility. • Ability to work independently, use sound judgment, perform as a team player and know when to seek supervisor advice. • Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with the U.S. Department of State,and other key partners. PHInternational(ProjectHarmony,Inc.)isan equal opportunity employer, and provides its staff opportunities for job growth,innovation,and creativity.Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume by email to: Subject line should read:MontenegroProgram Director. No phone calls.

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